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Each member of your HEMACENTER team is driven by a personal mission to improve the human experience and condition. We have spent decades in the regenerative medicine and pharmaceutical industries as medical researchers and lab technicians. As members of the scientific community, we believe we can significantly increase our impact by providing thousands of researchers the tools they need to successfully advance modern medicine.

Please consider giving the possibility of life and hope to others and join us on our quest to bring life-saving cures to patients who so desperately need them. Your generous donation can fuel next generation therapies for a host of diseases from diabetes to cancer.

HemaCenter is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OrganaBio, LLC

How Your
Donation Helps Others

The number of cell-based treatments in clinical trials and medical research has been increasing rapidly all over the world. Cell therapy has the potential to help patients with previously untreatable conditions and diseases. The cells at the core of these therapies are collected from donors like you.

Our mission at HEMACENTER is to use donated leukocytes to accelerate the development of life-saving cures. By donating your cells to medical research, you enable the discovery of new methods of treating blood disorders, autoimmune diseases, and various forms of cancer.

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